Pon! 2016.03.10 Inoo Kei

2016.03.10 Pon! Inoo Kei

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  1. It looks like here is a wrong link. Because the actual one goes to "2015.12.17 PonKMOCY". Just to inform you.
    Thanks for always sharing the videos. ^^

    1. Thank you very much for the correction:) and thank you so much for your comments, they always make me happy^^

    2. Oh no, its me who should be thanking. For sharing alllll these JUMP videos. ^^ I´m so happy and grateful for every video. <3
      Most of them are so nice, cute, great and gives some informations (at last what I can understand from my thiny little bit of japanese - I´m learning it at the moment). The videos are so enjoyable and made my day. For example Inoo at 'Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen' - with all the cats (like cats very much), (especially) the 4 AC videos with Matusi Yuusei! (I´ve also read and seen his previous work 'majin tantei nougami neuro' too; and now he made AC, looking forward what he´ll do next), the regular TV show episodes as SK, IHJ and LTL, if they appear in music shows,... and so on.
      JUMP appear so much on TV and I can find here a lot of these videos. ^^ Love you for that.
      Commenting and thanking, thats what I can do (for you). ^.~

      Thanks for correcting the link. :)