Itadaki High JUMP 2016.08.10 Hey! Say! JUMP

2016.08.10 Itadaki High JUMP Hey! Say! JUMP
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  1. Hi, I love this blog. Even now i still waiting for new update. I will wait and keep waiting. Ganbatte. :)

  2. Thank you for always uploading! <3 Please continue uploading especially LTL and Itadaki episodes T^T <3

  3. Hello ^^~~ Just wanna say thank you for your sharing of high quality videos Itadaki hihg jump. I am learning Japanese from HSJ variety show. Thank you so much for uploading raw videos of my favourite shows :)

    Recently, I haven't seen any update in the blog, I hope everything is OK with you. Once again, thank you so much :D And I am still waiting for new HD episode of show in your blog :)

  4. I know it's going to be one year since the last update... I know also how hard it is to have a blog and update almost everyday... But I really miss ItaJUMP and LTL T_T There is no other blog who upload this episodes... So I come here everyday and hope a miracle happened and new episodes are uploaded...